Protex® by Milonas

The response to the ever-increasing need for effective protection, to meet the specific requirements of each operation, usability, and functionality of the materials, combined with the reduction of hospital costs, is the basis for the creation of the Protex® by Milonas series.

The Protex® by Milonas series includes a range of disposable surgical products in:

  • Surgical Masks
  • Surgical Caps
  • Scrub Suits
  • Surgical Gowns
  • Surgical fields/covers
  • Surgical apparel packages
  • Examination Gowns
  • Medical gloves
  • Anti-thrombosis stockings
  • Other Disposable Items

The new series of disposable surgical products of our company, includes a numeral of different materials that meet the specifics of current surgery, giving you the options, you need to create the system that will balance your own medical, management and financial requirements.

Η Protex® by Milonas follows a policy of continuous research and development in order to expand the range as well as to improve the design and quality of its products.